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V Posted on 05/09/2006, 09:48 by sue
Cheese rolls

tortilla wraps
cream cheese (or vegan cream cheese)
black olives
jalapeno pepper (or spicy pepper of your choice)
cocktail sticks


A very easy appetizer!

First, spread the tortillas on a flat surface. Spread the cream cheese to what your preference is spread it over the tortilla.

Take the olives as many as you would like and dice until very small, sprinkle these evenly over the cream cheese tortilla.

cut a couple of jalapeno (or whatever pepper) slices the dice the same as the olives. Remembering that the more you use the more spicy it will be. Sprinkle these tiny bits over the cream cheese tortilla.

Finally, roll up the tortilla and cut into inch 1 inch pieces. Put each piece on a cocktail stick to keep them together and make them easy for your guests to eat.

Serves: As many as you like - this recipe will be for one

Preparation time: 5 minutes