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Recipes Home » Snacks » Mushroom, leek and Brie Samosa

Posted on 06/09/2006, 04:55 by boo
Mushroom, leek and Brie Samosa
Makes 4
4 tbsp butter
4 mushrooms, cut into wedges
1˝ leek, sliced fine
50g/2oz brie, chopped
8 sheets filo pastry
8 tbsp of butter, melted
Vegetable oil for deep frying

1. In a sauté pan, melt the butter and sweat the mushroom and leek. Cook for three minutes and cool. Once cool add the chopped Brie
2. Brush the filo pastry sheets with the melted butter. Place two pastry sheets, one on top of the other. Repeat on the other sheets of pastry and then divide the filling between the filo rectangles.
3. Shape the samosas by folding into triangle shapes.
4. Heat the oil and deep fry until golden and drain on kitchen paper. Serve.