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Posted on 05/02/2006, 11:49 by Vee
Spinich & Ricotta Lasagne

serves 6

This recipe does take some time to do but it is so well the wait and it impresses not just veggies but also meat eaters!!


1/2 pints of milk
2oz (50gm) butter
2oz (50gm) plain flour
2 1/2oz (62gm) parmesan cheese grated
salt & pepper


12 Fresh lasagne sheets - if I can\'t get these then I use dried and cook them first
1 lb young leaf spinich
8oz ricotta
2oz pine nuts
knob of butter
7oz Gorgonzola crumbled
7oz Mozzarella grated
salt & pepper

you will need oven proof dish 9x9 inches 6cm deep
pre heat oven to 180 degrees

Make sauce - Place milk, butter and flour in sauce pan and seasoning on a medium heat whisking the whole lot together until it simmers and thickens
Turn down heat on its lowest setting and cook for 5 mins
Then stir in 2oz of the parmesan cheese
remove from heat and place clingfilm over

Remove and throw away stalks. Wash leaves thourouly.
Take largest saucepan and put in a knob of butter. Put in spinich and place over a medium heat. Put on lid and cook for 2 minuites. Turn leaves half way

Drain spinich and when cool enough squeeze in hte hands to get rid of all the water
Place on chopping board and chop finely.
Now place in a bowl, add ricotta and the approx 5fl oz of sauce. Give it good seasoning.
Mix together thouroghly and finally fold in crumbled grogonzola.
Now you need to place a small frying pan over a medium heat and add the pine nuts and dry fry for about 1 minuite moving them about to toast

Now assemble the lasagne