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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Klix veg soup
by tink-rose
at my work we have a klix drink machine, in it we have a veg soup which has on it suitable for vegetarians. ive had it on quite a few occasions. and my manager had a letter today saying it has been tested and isnt vegetarian, and that its going to be taken out and replaced. i felt sick knowing that i've drank them before. im going to contact them to say how bad it is. Any advice on what i can do?
by encoderX
WOW! That's not nice of Klix

Personally I'd make an official complaint to the local authorities too!
Also send a copy to Klix head office.

Maybe even report it to BBC Watchdog programme as tbh in this day & age it shouldn't be happening. It is easily avoidable

Please keep us informed

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