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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Frankie and benny's
by tink-rose
i recently went to frankie and bennys for the first time. I ordered a vege burger. i always check the burger by opening it up and making sure they havent put meat in by mistake. so halfway through eating it, i was mortified to find a piece of bacon on my plate, it was under the chips, im pretty sure i didnt eat any, thank god, but i was anrgy about it, th waitress just said 'i'll tell the kitchen staff' and when she did my boyfriend saw them laughing. im going to write to them to complain as i think it is not right.what if i was muslim? would their response have been different?
by encoderX
I'd have asked to speak to the supervisor or manager on shift & reported them plus also I'd make a formal complaint to F&B head office

Stand your ground be polite but firm

I wouldn't mention 'what if i was Muslim?' because you aren't - stick with the facts

Good luck & please keep us updated

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