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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Alternative Vegan Festival, London
by sealweb
Excuse the plug, but this is for a non-profit vegan outreach event which I hope will inspire people:

The Alternative Vegan Festival is a DIY, grassroots event which will show how being vegan doesn't have to cost the Earth.

We can reduce the environmental impact of capitalism by through conscious consumption. This event will focus on highlighting ethical, anti-consumerist ways of living.

There will be practical workshops on the day about many topics, including creating your own products (jam, milk, booze, toiletries...), cake baking & turning rubbish into useful stuff. Discussions include veganism vs. freeganism, nutrition, mass-catering, anarchism, ethical consumerism and getting stuff for free! There will also be campaign stalls and a cinema room.

We will have a DIY pizza stall - bring some vegan toppings with you. Dough will be provided. There will also be a screenprinting workshop, so bring fabric and designs!

Come along and find out more about low-impact veganism, spend the day helping out or just chilling out with like-minded or interested people.

Come to rAtstar Autonomous Social Centre, 298 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell, London on Sunday 7th November. The festival will be open from 12noon until 6pm and entry is free!

Want to get involved? Want more information?
by sealweb
Alternative Vegan Festival Update

The Alternative Vegan Festival (this Sunday 12-6pm) will be going ahead as planned in a lovely new venue in Leytonstone, North London. A short walk from Leytonstone Underground station.

This event is DIY, and anyone is welcome to get involved. Here are a list of the current workshops:

Optimising Vegan Diet
Vegan Companion Animal Diets
Vegan Nutrition
Vegan Nutrition in Pregnancy
Animal First Aid
Cake Baking
Making Stuff out of Junk
Wine Making
Beer Brewing
Vegan Campaigning
Raw Food Cooking Demos
Veganism and Pacifism
Genetically Modified Food
From the Establishment of Carnism to the Abolition of Veganism

There will also be DIY cooking, films, kids space, outdoor area...

To find the exact location in Leytonstone, call/text 07756 160263 on the day or subscribe to the mailing list -

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