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Posted FORUM TOPIC: A non Vegetarian Raising a Vegetarian Baby
by rhe
Hi All...

I Hope you are all well!!

I need some advice and tips on options for veg protein for baby food

My husband is a Vegetarian and I am not but we get along perfectly fine ... I cook all his meals from scratch and have gotten into making interesting dishes so he does not get bored with the food... I take great care in keeping our food sepperate when I cook

We have now decided to raise our first baby as a vegetarian and so far it has been smooth sailing she is now 10 months old and growing well... she eats - all her veggies well and loads of beans especially butter beans and lentils and then we also have a veg protein mince / burger I add into the food and she is very happy with it

She will only start diary, wheat after 12 months.... She has just started on eggs and white potatoes...

Is anyone in a similar situation? can anyone give any advice on how to make sure she gets enough protein and iron...

I look forward to hearing from you all.

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