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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Depraved vegetarian
by noOori

I was happy to find this website, because I am quite played out. I am not just tired of meat-eaters and their stupid reactions and childish commentaries, but also feel like broken-down. Actually, because of the whole vegetarian thing among me and the people living close to me - I am a patient of a psychologist.

I don't know any vegetarians in my town and cannot fix all the things in my mind. I am so passionate, and cannot believe that other people cannot understand that I understood at the age of 16.

I started hating people and society. Once I wanted to be a psychologist, and I'm still studying biology and things, but I recently I have put a question into shape.
- Would I like to treat people who are so different from me? Am I able to be sociable again?-

Since I am a vegetarian, I don't trust people, and I have noticed that how many bad things is due to the mankind. I feel lonely, and "special".

I don't know, now I don't know anything.. How can long-term vegetarian fight for all these stuffs? Any help?

by withak
Im really sorry being a veggie has caused you so much grief

I often get met with criticism over my decision not to eat meat - the argument is it tastes nice so why should i give it up?

Often its ignorance and selfishness that cause these responses.

Try and be happy in the knowledge that you have made a positive choice out of understanding and love. Unfortunately people will always be people and be hurtful sometimes.

Just hope that one day they'll understand too - they're not rejecting you, they just like meat too much and are unwilling to change for the better!

Hope that helps!



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