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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Scary gelatin!
by samanta.taylor
I (maybe foolishly!) looked up food with hidden gelatin or meat products and was shocked to learn a lot of the foods i know and love aren't suitable for vegetarians.

I found a website that claimed companies can state that a food is vegetarian if the end product is "free" from animal products even if the processes used to get to that point use animals ie bone char in sugar whitening.

Also items such as sour cream may contain gelatin and because it doesn't say on it that it is vegetarian (it lists only 100% sour cream) that that's also okay.

Im scared that foods i've been eating for years are not suitable.

Feeling quite sick and like i never want to eat again right now!!

by noOori

I have just read about this white sugar thing with animals' bone! I was desperate too! And well, we have to admit, it's nearly unimaginable that a food wouldn't contain any animal thing. Disgusting!

But, good for me - I found a good meal service last week which cooks for people suffering from cancer. It contains only vegetable matters, although I'm lacto-ovo vegetarian, and not vegan. I wish you to find one, it cheap! Don't give it up..

by xoxsamxox
I know how you feel ive been veggie for 7 years and only last year started to relaise foods ive had and loved had gelatine in i felt really bad.

Then i decided to look into ingrediants from animals theres a whole list of things to watch out for and labeling is not clear i think its so unfair having to go through companys to find out what is in a product.
like glycerin is most obvious one in most toothpastes, hand wash, make up, shampoo ect.

Its really time consuming reading through a label and difficult to find products i find and feel theres limited range of cheap alternatives for vegies

anyways here is a website of ingredients to watch out for probs other sites could tell you what products not to use havnt found one yet there should be more information in this area for us i think anyone else feel the same?

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