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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Hello everypeeps!
by Clueless Git
Just thought I'd do a short Ahem!> introduction afore a posting I does go ..

Been a veg-head for over twenty years and vegan for the last six.

50 years old. Male (happily attached to a nice vegan lady). Live in Milton Keynes, Bucks. Have my own one man business there doing vending machines and an online business that sells vending machine and products too.

I have 3 veggie from birth children of my own and a veggie from birth grandaughter.

Words not often used to describe me: Shy, retiring, diplomatic.

Words often used to describe me: Arrogant, opinionated, loud, git, clueless.

Interests include: Buddhism, martial arts (Tai Chi currently) and taunting meat eaters mercilessly.

Anyways enough of that for the time being. I look forward to getting to know everyone here in due course

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