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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Slaughter-free milk, home delivered!
by farmaround
Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I work for a organic home delivery service called Farmaround and just wanted to share with you all that from mid-August onwards Farmaround will be delivering Slaughter-free milk direct to people's doors - the first company in the UK to do so.

Just a bit about slaughter-free milk...

Slaughter-free milk represents a big step forward in recognising dairy cows as sentient beings, entitled to a healthy after their milk producing days are over.

Dairy cows have an average life expectancy of 17 years. However, once they have reached their peak dairy producing age at around four to five years old, they are generally sold for slaughter. Aside from their curtailed life, a dairy cow is forced to bear a calf every year which will then be taken away from her immediately or within a few days of birth, distressing both the calf and the mother. A young male calf would then either be shot, or fattened up for veal; female calves are either shot, fattened for veal or reared on powdered milk to eventually enter the dairy herd to continue the cycle of intensive milk production.

Cows raised under the slaughter-free scheme will have a different life altogether. In partnership with a Norfolk farm and The Ahisma Dairy Foundation, Farmaround's slaughter-free milk, which will be called 'Cool Cow Milk' will come from a herd of Jersey cows. Any cow born into this herd will live out their full lives. There will be no slaughter, and calves will continue to feed from their mothers until they are naturally weaned.

This is set against the backdrop of modern day dairy production in the UK. With an ever-increasing desire to mass-produce milk at the expense of the cow, in many cases cows are treated as machines to be milked to death – literally. Today many cows are kept in a system of ‘zero-grazing’, where they never see a field, graze on grass or leave their area of confinement. They are routinely given growth hormones to increase their milk yields and then given antibiotics to counter the infections which arise from their depressed immune systems. With Slaughter-free milk, a proportion of the sale proceeds go back into a pension fund for the cows to pay for their welfare, ensuring they live out their natural lives in peace and tranquillity.

I hope this appeals to you, and I look forward to discussing this topic further as I would love to know peoples thoughts and views on this new model for milk production.
by withak
this definitely appeals!!!

do u have a website?



Hi i'm Katherine, check out my URL="" arts and crafts /URL and my friend's lovely URL="" home decor /URL . I currently live in URL="" Crookes /URL Sheffield, where I help run a small charity called URL="" Names Not Numbers /URL

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