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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Can vegetarians and meat-eaters co-exist successfully?
by rebeccaG
I am a journalist writing an article exploring the success of a vegetarian & meat-eater relationship.

I am interested in finding out whether a vegetarian would be interested romantically in someone who chooses to eat meat as much as they might a fellow vegetarian?

Does a persons eating habits come in to focus when getting to know someone in a romantic way?

On a more personal note, opinions on 'who makes a better lover: vegetarian or meat-eater?' would be appreciated!

This article is for the launch issue of a new food magazine that falls more on the sexy side!

Any help/opinions at all would be greatly appreciated!

by Rayman
Hi Rebecca,

Well vegetarians make the best lovers, of course.

My wife and children eat meat, despite my gentle encouragement for them to cut down/steer clear of it.

It does create some tensions at times - particularly when eating out and shopping for food.

And yes seeing your loved one chomp into meat when you really don't approve is a turn-off romantically.

by Clueless Git
Hello Rebbeca

I have just come from another vegetarian forum where there has been a series of polls and topics on this question recently.

Just in case it's any help the poll results were roughly as follows:

Veg*an males predominantly had veg*an partners and veg*an females predominantly had non veg*an partners.

That result was skewed slightly by the fact that veg*an females significantly outnumber veg*an males so for a veg*an males to find a veg*an female parner is easier than t'other way round.

Personal observations from following the discussions: Both males and females who were veg*an for strongly held moral/ethical reason wouldn't touch omni partners with a ten foot pole. Those who were more sentimentaly motived (as opposed to ehtichaly motivated) and those who were health reason motivated to be veg*an didnt see much of an issue with their partners being non-veg*an although a veg*an partner was universally said to be preferred.

Last time I checked in the issue of whether many females veg*ans saw it as kind of 'manly' that their men were meat eaters and that this was actualy a 'plus factor' for them had been raised. There seemed to be a lot of evidnce that this was in many instances a distinct possibility. No one was owning up to that, of course.

The better lovers question: Who, given the choice, would want to 'wet their wick' in a walking animal grave?

Hope that was of some help.
by samanta.taylor

Im a vegetarian student and i lived with 4 meat eaters and another vegetarian for my first year at uni and in september im moving in with 4 meat eaters.

As far as i'm concerned i don't mind living with them as long as they are considerate (i.e not using my cooking equipment, not leaving there dead animal products around and not touching my food at all )

It worked well this first year and we actually ended up with a vegetarian meal night once a week, which was awesome. We'd take it in turns to cook and it worked really well. they started to love eating more "creative" food and it fast became one of all of our favourite evenings! they even introduced me to some new vegetables!

I've also been with my boyfriend 5 years (been veggie for and he's a meat eater. I don't mind too much, as long as he doesn't expect me to touch, look at, buy or feel sympathy if he gives himself food poisoning eating meat. I also make him brush his teeth before we kiss etc if he's been eating animals.

oh and clueless git (i feel like a cow typing that!) i deffo don't think it makes him more manly to eat meat. If anything i have said that eating meat makes him ignorant not manly.

I definatley think veggies make the best lovers but i'm biased!!

Hopefully some useful info for you there
Hi Rebecca, I joined this forum to answer this one.

I personally don't beleive the two can live in the same harmony that two of the same could, if you see my meaning.

My ex wife changed to suit me, a veggie of now 22 years and when she decided she wanted to turn back expecting me to buy her a mcdonalds and have all those dripping muscles in the fridge it really did all change for me, I guess her boyfriend didn't help either! He he.

I've been single now for 7 years and have been interested in a few ladies but their eating habbits have put me off, must have been obvious cause a couple started eating veggie but been there and done that. Lol.

I now have a lovely veggie house where nothing is "contaminated" as my Ma puts it and I can't imagine having a meat eater live here with me, ever!

Very little market research on the lover front, just the one, still that came back as better so I'll back up the others and say we're of course Better! We care more and consider others feelings above our own.

Good luck with the article, post it here if you can so we can see if we helped.


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