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Posted FORUM TOPIC: fed up with being chided by meateaters
by tiw751
Has anyone else found that their friends have been really unsupportive of their vegan diets? I've been derided since i started three months ago and i'm running out of will power. Any tips?
by Rayman
It's a tough one. I tend to keep my head down and stick to a vegetarian diet without advertising it to my friends - because I know they will take great delight in pretending not to understand my motives and eating bacon sandwiches in front of me. I don't mind outlining my reasons for vegetarianism, but really don't want to be doing it every meal time.

'Lo tiw

Having been a veg-head for over twenty years I can assure you that mob-handed chiding never ends.

Thing to do is to learn how to have fun with it.

There is nothing that a meat eater can ever say in defence of meat eating or against vegetarianism that cannot be turned around swiftly and absolutely so as the joke is on them.

If you feel like posting the jibes that get on your wick the most I would be happy to share my personal collection of 'witty' reposts with you.
by vince66
Hi tiw751, first and foremost, don't give up. Just last week the guy who cuts my hair told me that he tried being vegetarian and lasted 8 months but gave up because he felt so tired all the time. I took great delight in telling him I have been vegan for 2 years and I feel fine, so he must have been doing something wrong. At the end of the day, if your vegan because of your ethics, what ever anyone says, you are doing the right thing. As I keep telling my other half (very supportive but says he isn't even vegetarian) - it's not my fault I have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. x.
Hi Twi, I've been at this 22 years now and as the others say " don't give up!"

My nickname is Swampy, tree hugging veggie, doesn't fuss me, I'm proud of it. as the nameless one mentions learn to turn it all into a joke for them.
I work in a factoy enviroment when I'm not driving lorries and they are both bacon sandwich and sausage places, actually the office is too! He he.
You have your reasons so stick to them and your real friends will stick with you and respect you, mine did and still do..

All the best.


by Jez2k
You think friends are bad? What happens when you're the only vegetarian in the househould and have to put up with the old familiar arguments all the time, such as "it won't kill you", "it never bothered you when you were young". Both of these were heard today while cooking sunday lunch. The roast potatoes and my meat-free roast were placed in the middle rack, with *their* pork cooking and splattering below, spitting occasionally into the roast potatoes tin. I was branded a militant vegetarian for being offended. Personally, I don't see how its any different than expecting us to take off the pepperoni from a pizza, or using seperate utensils at christmas for the vegetables, only to see the meat-eaters "bounce" the spatulas on the meat as they help themselves, without any thought or regard for me. I am expected to put up with this but I don't, and never will. After more than 10 years of being a vegetarian, my father still berates me, names me as an extremist and a militant. All I want is tolerance and understanding. Will I ever get it? *** no.
by Jez2k
That *** was hello without the o. I should've said "heck no"

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