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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Tofu Organic - I am the only one missing it?
by buggybu
Until very recently one would be able to buy 250g of ORGANIC tofu, made in the UK (so it said on the package) from Cauldron Foods in the bigger supermarkets. Not any more. Very pompously, one must say, they have launched a new range of products, replacing the old version for a new 396g, NON ORGANIC, cheaper in comparison to the previous (but not that cheap!), and packet in the US (!!). Very symptomatic. It says it all: mass production at the very low cost possible to reach the higher profit, hence, more pesticides and other chemicals in our Tofu.

I have emailed them. This was the answer:

"Cauldron products have never been an exclusively organic brand and has never
made organic a central part of its brand promise. In research we found that
very few said they go out of their way to buy organic products only. When we
probed deeper it became clear that organic was not significant motivator for
many of our consumers. They were far more interested in the use of natural
ingredients, health and, of course, taste. By moving away from Organic we
have been able to invest more in recipe development, quality and provide
better value for money.
The previous recipe tofu is not being manufactured anymore and will be
replaced by the larger pack original tofu."

I am the only one related Vegan diet to healthy hence organic food whenever possible?

Actually, this disappointment had a bright side. It made me look it up for alternatives, and I have found a cheaper option, still organic, that looks very reliable, but not available at the closest supermarket.

Any thoughts on this?

by vince66
Hi Bruno,
I totally agree. It's bad enough that almost their entire range is not vegan that they have to go and change the one thing that was guaranteed. The texture and quality has changed too. I buy it infrequently now and tend to stock up when I can get tofu from Clearspot, Taifun etc in health shops or online. Where do you get yours now?
I have read many things about organic food,
Are they really beneficial to us?
I read articles related for meal from this source

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