Vegetarian Recipes Forum : any ideas / recipes for egg free quiche?
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Posted FORUM TOPIC: any ideas / recipes for egg free quiche?
by flo-jo
I'm trying to lose weight with slimming world and like the sound of some of their pastry free quiche recipes but I'm not keen on egg. Wondered if I could use tofu or something as a replacement. Any ideas??
Have a toddler and baby so not much time for experimenting!
Thank you
by pratibha83
Hello friend.

Try this online veg recipes website, you will find lots of veg recipes, which is easy to prepare. You can try any of these




You will find many more recipes like the above on
by Clueless Git
'Lo Flo-jo

I use tofu to make a scrambled egg style dish. I think it would work in quiche.

Just fry a little finely chopped onion untill golden brown (you can add other stuff like chppoed peeprs too). Crumble some silken tofu into that. Add a little turmeric for colour and season with salt, pepper and vegetarian stock powder. You could nmake a runnier mix by adding some soy milk if you prefer.

Hope that helps

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