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Posted FORUM TOPIC: 'Pleather' footwear
by mustanggilly
Does anyone know where I can source some nice thigh high boots which don't look cheap/plasticky. Trying to eschew leather shoes it's not easy!
by gibby
plent of sites in the UK, just do a search on google for vegetarian shoes

we like Alt Stores as the prices aren't crazy

by flo-jo
Did you find anything nice?

boots have always been the hardest for me, especially once DMs stopped doing veggie ones.
by vince66 have a good range of vegetarian/vegan shoes and boots. Madfish are a good make (I've got a pair of Metula's which are wearing out!) and there are quite a few coming on the market all the time - even New Rock have started to do some vegan shoes/boots. Good luck and post back what you find for all us shoe lovers! Cheers.

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