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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Chicken in ASDA Vegetarian Enchiladas!
by Albert
Wondered what folk thought about this (will try and keep it as short as possible):
Bought Vegetarian Enchiladas from Asda and realised after a couple of mouthfuls that it was riddled with chicken.
Phoned up complained and was told to take the remainder in.
Took it in to be sent away and asked for the manufacturer's details but was told to give my details and I'd be contacted.
Month later no contact so e mailed in and received a letter of apology which said it hadn't been registered but would be investigated.
Received a letter a few weeks later saying that the remains must have been "lost in the post" so it couldn't be investigated properly so here's a 15 quid voucher.
To be honest was mainly after a proper apology and felt a company like Asda would take it seriously and I feel it's been a case of "yes Sir we'll get onto that straight away""... I turn my back and it's in the bin. "Here you go there's 15 quid now shut up!"
So to me it's as if although they have their range to cater for vegetarians, they couldn't really give a toss.
What do folk think? What would you have done in this situation and would you have been content with the outcome?

by samanta.taylor
geeeeezz are you kidding?

Which enchiladas are they? i've had the three bean enchiliadas a few times and not had a problem.

I would be super annoyed at how they've treated you, seems like they have fobbed you off a bit. If it was me i'd go for the throat, with that kind of experience how can you trust any other asda products you buy again in the future?

Don't want to seem patronising or anything but i'd lose faith in asda and i'd tell them so!

Did you use signed for delivery or anything like that?

what a horrid experience, do you still shop there?


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