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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Buying a quick vegan snack!
by amberdaum
Has anyone else discovered the amazing 'Clives with Love' range. Its immense. I always feel I suffer as a vegan not being able to grab a quick snack at lunch if I've forgotten to make one at home. But the a couple of weeks ago while scanning the shelf in the uni tuck shop, there it was! A whole range of vegan pies and pasties, a fack sausage rolls. I bought about 3 different flavours that day. Organic too and not badly prices. The pie cost little over 2.
Happy Days! here is a website, although you'll have to find where they sell it locally to you. Also found they do cakes and allsorts (some just vegetarian, still, have to give them credit, they looks delicious!)

Have fun discovering them
by gibby
st dalfour do some ready meals tinned that are vegan

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