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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Welsh organic milk and badgers
by cucumber
Hi there is a plan to wipe out the badgers where I live. The farmers most keen to do this are organic. Unfortunately the organic farms have become huge, and do not live up to the image on their products. Such as Daioni, "full of goodness", Trioni is the company which decided the Welsh Assembly to go ahead with killing badgers as their herd was slaughtered because of TB. The trouble with the Soil Association labels, Vegetarian Society etc is they only specify certain conditions under which animals are supposed to be reared and has no criteria which relate to wildlife, except for a list of approved pesticides. Trioni for instance rears Holstein cattle which are like pedigree dogs in that they are bred as milking machines,and male calves are shot because they are of no use. The cows are stressed out, with a short life it is not surprising that they get diseases. Nonetheless, the milk is sold as environmentally friendly and is organic. I'm quite sad that the organic movement is not what it started out being and some farmers have become organic in order to get more money for their produce.
Would you buy dairy products from West Wales given that they are going to wipe out badgers in North Pembrokeshire?

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