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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Want to be part of 'A Vegan Living' journal?
by Tipi
I'm sending a journal out next week which will hopefully travel all over the world and get full of entries by vegans before returning to it's starting point. Here is a description:

The theme for this journal is ‘vegan living’ although anything goes. It is to be passed on after one week. Let’s get it round the UK and eventually overseas. Send your email address if you’re inline and yours is not listed to:

If you'd like to take part simply register on the site and 'get in line' so it can be tracked.
by amandastollery
Launched only a month ago, Full House is the newest entry to the London underground dining scene. A six-month pop up project, Full House is a new kind of supper club. Hidden in a secret location, revealed only on the day of the event, guests sign up to menus posted on the Full House blog.

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