Vegan Corner Forum : 20yr old vegan seeks openminded flat/house-share in Brighton
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Posted FORUM TOPIC: 20yr old vegan seeks openminded flat/house-share in Brighton
by Melanie
I'm new here so here's a little introduction
My name is Melanie, i'm a twenty year old Music student currently living in West Sussex.

I have been vegan for almost five years now and vegetarian since I was around 13

I am looking to move to Brighton in July 2010 once my university course finishes.

I will be working full time and I drive.
So parking would be cool.

I thought i'd submit a topic on this board in the hopes that someone would either like to flathunt with me or that someone knows of a room going for rent. I would love to live with likeminded people!

Thanks for reading
Much love,

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