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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Quorn Fillets
by angmc
Hi, I'm new here and just wanted to get other people's opinions on something that has really annoyed me.

I've been veggie for about 20 years and have been buying Quorn Fillets since they first came out but I've been noticing recently that they don't seem the same, they taste bland, rubbery and watery. I've written to Marlow Foods a few times about this and they have now finally admitted that they have changed the recipe recently i.e. taken out the wheat and onion bits and "upgraded" the flavour. I think they taste absolutely awful now.

Has anybody else noticed this? If so could you please complain to them.

Sorry for ranting on my first post but I want my old quorn fillets back!!

by vee
I totally agree with you, in fact I stopped buying them as soon as I noticed that they had changed - didn't think to complain!!
by angmc
Glad I'm not the only one!

If you do feel inclined to complain the email is:
by Rayman
Yeah, I think they are pretty tasteless, but not as bad as their sausages. Now they really are lacking in flavour.

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