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Posted FORUM TOPIC: New to Vegetarianism - Help & Support please!
by scot_in_amsterdam
Hello all

I am trying to turn veggie after a long time battling with my conscience.
My reasons are primarily based on moral grounds against cruelty to animals but also on health grounds.
I have never been a particularly huge meat fan, but have put off going veggie due to "the hassle involved" (yes a total cop out I know, not to mention a myth).
There are lots of resources out there to help me, but I just wondered if there were any others like me who have come to vegetarianism later on in life (I am in my 30's).
If so how did you go about it? Did you wean yourself off animal products or go for the big bang approach.
I am genuinely interested in others' experiences!

by Brian 1800
Hello, yeah ive just moved to the UK, and came across this wicked Vegan Magazine called "Off the Hoof" Has anyone heard of it? i also found out you can view it online

Check it out there are loads of cool articles, and being a vegan mag has lots of interesting stuff. and its FREE!!

Theres a few bits in earlier issues that address some of your quetions so have a look!

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