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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Dr. Pepper and Coke-Cola?
by Autobot
I am new here, though I have been thinking of joining for a while.

I am sorry, i'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times already.
I can't find a search on here, though, so I have no way to find out.

No matter where I go, there seem to be people with a difference of opinion over Coke-Cola and Dr. Pepper. Some say they are vegetarian, and some say they aren't.
The most common answer is "they're bad for you anyway", which really isn't helpful.
When I had it before (before I was uncertain about it being vegetarian) I would only have it very, very rarely.
So I was hoping someone here may finally be able to answer my question?
by gibby
not veggie - see the animal free shoppper for info

it has fish & geletine as do most soft drinks

they test on animals too
by samanta.taylor

says that coca-cola is as is dr pepper...

Probably just added even more confusion sorry !

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