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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Advice to avoid Birleys salads
by davinamini
I recently bought a salad from the deli at Birleys. Towards the end I ate something that din't quite taste right. On closer inspection I discovered two pieces of tuna in my vegetarian salad. Having been vegetarian for 20 years I was horrified and verified this with a colleague. When I went to complain I was told that I should expect cross contamination like this to happen and as a vegetarian I shouldn't eat there! When I wrote to complain this is the audacious response:
95% of the salad had been eaten and that the 2 small particles of tuna were the size of a small seed also that it was not you that discovered the tuna but one of your work colleagues. He also stated on several occasions he offered you an alternative salad and your money back but that you did not accept that but kept insisting on some form of compensation above and beyond money back. He also states that during the conversation with yourself that you were unreasonable, rude and were unwilling to accept his proposals in order to resolve the problem.

Please understand that it is very difficult for me to make a fair assessment of this particular situation as Domenico is a very loyal and trusted employee in our Company and has an unblemished record in more than 16 years of continued service. Although I am not dismissing your allegation I have been in this Company for over 22 years and I have come across customers who cannot be reasoned with and no matter how you try to resolve the issue with them you simply cannot. I am not stating that this is the case on this particular occasion as I was not present during this incident and I am only partially aware of what occurred.


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