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Posted FORUM TOPIC: What do i need ?
by Cassie
Im 16 and have been a Vegetarian for 6 months now, for the last few months i have been having a hard time with my new life.
Im having a lot of trouble with spots and im always tired. So i would just like to know, what i would like to know is what i need to do to keep healthy and things to keep my food fun. I dont take any vitamins and would like to know if that is really needed. Thanks Bye.
by Karli
Hi Cassie,

It could be you're not getting enough iron... So maybe start eating some iron rich foods like lentils, green leafy veg, dried apricots, raisins. Also some breakfast cereals are fortified with extra iron. Iron is also absorbed better if its eaten with vitimin C... Citrus fruits, steamed broccolli, strawberries etc. Google searches will turn up foods that are rich in iron and vi c. Also make sure your body is gettin enough calories. If its not, consider eating extra cheese, yogurts, full fat milk etc.

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