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Posted FORUM TOPIC: I want to GAIN weight
by Lewis
Hi All,

I used to have a poor diet before I met my (now including raw) vegetarian girlfriend. As you'd expect my vegetable intake soared and I've since lost weight, possibly more than I'd like to. I need to buy a new suit is what I'm saying.
Anyway, I'm looking for any info on how to gain weight on a vegetarian diet but in a healthy way. Websites say about eating more starchy foods like pasta and potatoes but these can leave me feeling uncomfortably bloated.
Any tips would be appreciated,
by Leigh
Hi Lewis
you could add more oily dressings to salads etc...all oils have loads more calories than other foods, so have as much as you can stomach!!! you could have more cheese and dairy produce if you aren't vegan, and extra veggie sausages long as you still have lots of fresh raw fruit and veg you should be fine....good luck...if all else fails, I have a stone I'd like to shift, you're welcome to it!!!

by PyramidHead
Lewis, calm down.

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