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Posted FORUM TOPIC: quorn
by gillybabes
I am currently following the slimming world diet, does anyone have any good quorn recipes other than bolognese and chilli?
by vee
Hi gillybabes - try in the recipe section under main meals (adapted slimming world) roasted veg and quorn lasagne, that is actually quite nice! I would be really interested if you have any nice vegetarian slimming world recipies. I do a rice dish with quorn chunks that is quite nice and is only a couple of sins, if you are interested in having it let me know! Vee
by Lewis
I made a Quorn tikka the other day, just buy a pot of tikka sauce from supermarket, bung it in with the quorn pieces, heat up and eat. Dunno if its allowed as part of your diet though - its only a sauce, its liquid!! Might be worth checking the label maybe? Adding a sauce to anything can drastically improve the flavor.
by gillybabes
Cheers guys!!!

Vee - I made qourn cottage pie which was quite nice. I usually just eat pasta with homemade tom sauce n veg, pretty boring really lol If I come across any nice recipies then I'll pass them on.
by vee
The recipe that I do with rice is really simple. you get a packet of dried savoury rice from the supermarket and make this up according to the packet (normally takes about 20mins). cook off onions and garlic and pepper, you might have to add a little water as it does get a bit dry, and add a desert spoonful of curry paste and add the quorn chunks and cook for a couple of minutes, mixing really well, then add the cooked rice and some frozen sweetcorn, peas, soya beans and cook out for a couple of mins and then eat!!
by gillybabes
sounds lovely vee, that would be free on my diet, i'm sure.

by carolines
Try this:

Chop 3 Quorn sausages into chunks
Fry in fry light with 1 chopped onion
Add tin baked beans, tin of chopped tomatoes, mixed herbs and curry powder
Simmer for about 10 minutes
Serve with rice or cous cous

It's delicious, very easy and totally free on Slimming World!!

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