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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Food is really boring at the moment
by SunshineLollipops
Hi, my name is Meg, I'm fifteen, and I've been vegan for 6 months now. I'm finding food really boring because I've no new ideas. Does anyone have any recipes I could try?
by Stephen
There are some great vegan blogs with brilliant recipes - like, or go to vegblogs for a whole list of them. There are some on my site too (shameless plug!)
Happy cooking. And eating.
by Lewis
I made a Quorn tikka the other day, just buy a pot of tikka sauce from supermarket, bung it in with the quorn pieces, heat up and eat. Dunno if its vegan friendly but worth checking the pot maybe? Adding a sauce to anything can drastically improve the flavor, I know what you mean by it getting boring.
by Leigh
Hi Meg
well done on being a vegan....I'm not much cop at recipes, but have you tried the following.....
roast a selection of veg in the oven with some oil (carrots, turnip, butternut squash, potatoes, peppers, aubergine, parsnips, onions, garlic etc...use a couple of these together) then when they're done, serve with some houmous for protein, mixed beans, lentil pate etc....and/ or pour over a home made tomato suace and serve with pasta or couscous. you need to make sure you have protein with each meal, so even some veggie bacon/ sausage would do if you're fed up with beans?
Salsa and guacamole are nice to dip with raw veggies too.....
hope that helps?

by swollen pumpkin
try a beefburger.... they're really tasty! Only joking darling but just go nuts with the vegan curries... you can't go wrong. Chickpeas, courgettes and five spice vibe. Peace x
by RiainW
I have a few recipes I'd be happy to give, but here's a few vegan ones that may take your fancy.

Vegan lasagne
Tofu and Vegetable Stir-Fry with Peanut Butter Sauce
Chocolate Orange Sponge Cake
Banana Muffins

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