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Posted FORUM TOPIC: sosmix/veggie sausage roll filling
by mrsmerula
Hello there, can anyone help me please all my local suprmarkets have stopped selling sosmix, the only independent health shop in town is closing down and Holland Barrett have stopped selling it as well. In fact Holland and Barrett in their wisdom have got rid of their chiller cabinet and freezer so I can't buy tivalli cocktail sausages anymore any suggestions where I can get those from too? Failing that has anyone got any good recipes for a veggie sausage roll filling that I could make myself? For example would it be possible to reconstitute some dried soya mince and add my own flavourings?
by Leigh
I don't know about where to get sosmix, but how about just using some veggie sausages instead?(sorry, I know you will have already thought of that...). how about a blend up of cooked beans and or lentils in a tomato sauce, all mashed up to a stiff consistency then baked inthe pastry?sorry, I've not tried it, but it might work?
good luck

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