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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Flatulence!
by Lunchiemunchie
I'm a new vegetarian on my seventh day... I'm not completely veggie as I still eat fish.
My problem is that I have started passing gas a lot more than when I was a carnivore, and it's not rosy.
Is this normal so early in the diet change?
I would also like to have some hope that it eventually calms down a bit!
Thank you!
by Tigerfeet
Yes, it is normal.

You may well have started eating a lot more pulses and veggies, your digestive system is adjusting and will do so.

If its causing you problems, your local health food shop should stock charcoal tablets which are pretty good.

Good luck with your new lifestyle!
by Leigh
well done on your steps towards vegetarianism! how about trying peppermint tea after may not stop all of the flatulence but it will help your tummy settle much quicker than it would otherwise.
best wishes

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