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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Bristol Vegan Fayre
by FannyMcgee

Hi there
I thought you might like to know about the Brighton Vegan Fayre on the 21st of March. I've been looking at the website and it looks good. Here is a link if you want to have a look

what do you know about this type of event? Have any of you been before?
by FannyMcgee
sorry its not in Bristol its in Brighton...
by FannyMcgee
hey and its not just about great food, current rumour says that they gat Macca B and Clive Palmer playing
by FannyMcgee
The tickets for this event are available online at
there is a special earlybird price so get yours early
by FannyMcgee
Vegan Fayre Tickets are now on sale, get your earlybird reduction by clicking on the banner below

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