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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Operation McSabotage
by gaiaisi
Hey Friends, I just released an anti-McDonalds music video, actually a playful, but lyrically relentless assault on the entire fast food industry. See it @
If you like it please help spread the boycott and the truth about their murderous business by embedding the video, sharing, rating, favoriting it etc.

There's also a "Supersized Version" ( That exposes the positive side of things, this is a short film where we go into my urban garden, talk about ecological-food issues, go into the kitchen to cook up a meal to give out at McDonalds after the video, and try and get people feeling better about eating well instead of feeling guilty about killing themselves.

Thanks for fighting the beast, peace
by swollen pumpkin
mate that sounds awesome!!!! totally slamming it on my facebook... Peace and keep the creative juices flowing!

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