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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Forced meat
by louise
Hi, I am new to the forum.
I would like to get some advice as to being misled into eating meat,I have not eaten meat for 20 years plus and have been informed by our local cafe (they know I am veggy) that they have been putting meat into my soups each day for weeks, when I complaine I was told I was a '*** vegetarian' has anyone had a similar experience?
by Tigerwolf
I would get trading standards on them. You could ask at the citizen's advice beauro if it is possible to take legal action.

I think it's possible to get them under discrimination laws, failing that, I'm pritty sure it's one count of common assault per day under English law (I know using flash bulb on someone in public can be, so this should be). There are also probably food tampering or spiking laws.

This is a personal nightmare of mine. Please don't let it slide. Do all you can to prosecute them for it. People think they can get away with pushing us around.
by louise
Thank you for your support, being ostracised and violated is bad enough without being humiliated. You are quite correct and I will be bringing this matter to a conclusion. I will keep you posted. x
by smidgekat
Jeez that is DISGUSTING! I would tell everyone you know and get them to go in individually when they are BUSY and state as loudly as possible that they will no longer eat there as they have heard what they do to their vegetarian customers. Hit them where it hurts... IN THE TILL. I would defo get trading standards involved. As Tigerwolf said... please do not let it go. They deserve to pay for it one way or another. It makes me wonder what else they put in peoples food when they feel like it?Good luck with it.
by Smith
It really is a very grave issue. It is a severe encroachment on a persons right to what he decides to eat. You have done the right thing by choosing this forum to go public with your disgust.
by Lei
Meat is something that surely assist you in gaining fat but it excess of it is harmful
by lgreen35
hello all,
Yes, I agree that we should have a choice in what we want to eat. So many places do not disclose what is really in the food.

Don't you hate it when you are allergic to something, then they will not even tell you if it is in the dish you want to order? Like in a Chinese food place where most use MSG and it makes me quite ill.

clean air....dehumidifiers
by davinamini
I had a similar issue with a salad place. Follow my complaint string in which they say that tuna in a vegi salad doesnít matter as long as its small and that I ate all the salad first before complaining!
Iím contacting you regarding an experience I had a week Friday at your soups and salads store in canary wharf. Iíd gone to complain that I found two pieces of tuna in the salad that I had put together at the deli. Let me preface this with the fact that I am a vegetarian. To my horror rather than apologising your area manager told me that I should expect that to happen and questioned why as a vegetarian I would eat there! I couldnít believe what I was hearing. He was very rude to me and only offered a replacement salad. Which I turned down as he had just told me not to eat there. When I said that the best customer service would not only refund me but compensate for the mistake on top of this he said he now didnít want to give me anything! I insisted he gave me a refund then and there so I could leave and never return. I thought you should know about this manís poor customer communication style which affects your brand image.
Thank you for your recent email of 06th July 2009 regarding the incident that took place in our Soup and Salad Bar on Friday 26th July 2009. It has just been forwarded onto me.
I am sorry to read of your distress at the alleged service you were given by my area manager Domenico Consoli at the time of your visit. I was also very surprised to read of your allegations against Domenico as he has been employed by me within the Company for over 16 years and has earned the position he currently holds due to exemplary performance over that period of time. Domenico is also entrusted with ensuring that the standards within our shops are exact and are the best that they can be. Also as part of his duties he undertakes the training of new staff in all areas of Company integration and customer service.
I have had the opportunity to discuss the matter with Domenico regarding your complaint against him and he is very upset by your allegations and refutes many of your allegations.
He claims that he acted reasonably and attempted to explain to you how the salad bar process works and that during busy times it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the possibility that particles of some foods may fall into other ingredients. He also stated that had he informed you that had you told the server that you were vegetarian and did not eat meat and/or fish then they would have been more diligent in constructing your salad.
He also claims that 95% of the salad had been eaten and that the 2 small particles of tuna were the size of a small seed also that it was not you that discovered the tuna but one of your work colleagues. He also stated on several occasions he offered you an alternative salad and your money back but that you did not accept that but kept insisting on some form of compensation. He also states that during the conversation with yourself that you were unreasonable, rude and were unwilling to accept his proposals in order to resolve the problem.
Please understand that it is very difficult for me to make a fair assessment of this particular situation as Domenico is a very loyal and trusted employee in our Company and has an unblemished record in more than 16 years of continued service. Although I am not dismissing your allegation I have been in this Company for over 22 years and I have come across customers who cannot be reasoned with and no matter how you try to resolve the issue with them you simply cannot. I am not stating that this is the case on this particular occasion as I was not present during this incident and I am only partially aware of what occurred.
by moia
One suggestion is to write a review on Vegetarian visitor
and name the cafe to warn others not to even think of eating there!
how did they think that you would stay a customer after this?!
by samanta.taylor
that place is disgusting. needs shutting down. does that mean if you were lactose intolerant they'd have put milk in your soup for weeks???

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