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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Natural treatment for Vegetarian with vitamins and supplements
by jessiejiang
Hi ,as I know, taking Iron , Vitamin C , Dandelion Extract , Spirulina , Vitamin B12 , Calcium , Vitamin D3 , is good for Vegetarian , take a look at this.

Ingredients that work:
Vegetarian foods contain Iron but it is not as well absorbed as the form of iron found in animal flesh. Therefore, additional Iron supplementation is necessary. Vitamin C and Dandelion Extract enhance the body's ability to absorb iron from foods or supplements. Spirulina is a rich source of protein and many other nutrients. It may stimulate the immune system and promote formation and development of red blood cells because of its high levels of iron. Some vegan抯 diets are lack of Vitamin B12. Therefore, supplementation with Vitamin B12 is important to prevent deficiency of this vitamin. Certain plant constituents appear to inhibit the absorption of dietary calcium. Calcium supplement with Vitamin D3 helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Also try googling custom made with vitamins and supplements for Vegetarian , find a personalized health solution for yourself, and live healthier and happier.
by Lei
I think nothing is best as compared to the natural herbs and natural treatment. So always try to treat one with natural articles before you turn for the scientific one

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