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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Mac Donalds Party!!!
by tinkywinks
I knew this day would come! My cousin's daughter is having her birthday party at Mac Donalds and has invited my 3 year old son. I hate Mac Donalds! I would even feel embarassed about going in the building. Lots of factors to consider here:

1. Am I being unreasonable in the sense that, if it was say Pizza Hut, I would feel ok about going and ordering veggie option. Is my stigma against Mac D's justified?

2. Does anyone know if there are any true veggie options at Mac Donalds? I heard the chips were prepared with cow fat or something.

3. I really don't want to take my son there. However, I don't want to upset family either. What's more important?!

What would you do? How do you feel about Mac Donalds?

Would appreciate some opinions and help, thank you.
by beckmoon
I hate MacDonalds to yet if im low on money and starving and thats the only place open (and im slightly drunk) then i go in and buy a veggie burger. The veggie burgers are quite *** to be honest but they do veggie deli things and what have you. I wouldn't touch the chips . There nasty. I understand why you hate going in there i always feel a black cloud has fallen over me when i go in however if its just for the day i'd stomache it, I'm sure your son will be happier at the party.
by Tigerwolf
Tell the parents he's only to have the vegi option. Would never set foot in there myself unless I really needed the loo. They stink.
by GreenAlice
Hi, you're in a bit of a bind aren't you. Ethically I'd say NO every time to MacD, because Mac's are very simply global evil-empire miesters in every way. But IMO you can't impose your own strict ethical standards on your childs development, where it might possibly inhibit his/her bonding and growth with family/friends.

So my take would be to take your young child to the party, explain to them that the food that you are going to share together, is not quite the same as the other children and why that's a good thing. But around it all, I'd try in gentle ways to utilise the experience to explore how and why, your childs life is slightly diffeent, from those of their friends.

Because IMO, the earlier you begin making this stuff open and understood the better, they are goimng to adapt to the world they have to live in. Probably, the worst thing in the long term for your child, is to make meat 'taboo'. So I'd try to just run with it and do your best to throw a positive light on vegetarianism in the everyday situations you're confronted with, as they grow!
by Smith
Hopefully you would have a grand time. I really believe that Mac Donalds is an awesome choice. st go ahead buddy!
by hey_you_guys
***. then he came and said sorry, must have felt guilty. he said sorry its mayo, i will make you another.

mother fukckers just dont get it, are they retards?
by davinamini
Not vindicating mc D's but thought you should know that the chips are not cooked in animal fat in the UK any more.

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