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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Cranks!
by HelenP
Hi guys, if you're like me and you sometimes struggle to find the time to prepare fun and healthy lunches when you're on the go, pop to your local Waitrose store and stock up on the Cranks brand - it's the yummiest veggie range i've come across!
I start most days off with the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ sandwich which has sliced free range egg, tomato, chargrilled mushrooms, baked beans & tomato chutney.

Other scrumptious sandwiches include the ‘Cheddar Gorge’ which is loaded with mature cheddar cheese with apple chutney, cos and radicchio.
The range also includes wraps, from ‘Cheesy Gonzales’ (Monterey Jack cheese with guacamole, spicy tomato chutney, tomato, sour cream & peppadews) to the ‘Middle East Feast’ (falafel with tomato, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, red onion & a fresh lemon & mild dressing).

If you prefer salads, Cranks offer a mouth-watering range– which come with a separate pot of fresh dressing and a handy ‘spork’ (a spoon shaped fork). The collection caters for all tastes, from a fire roasted Mediterranean vegetable couscous to feta and slow roasted tomato Pasta Salad.



by foodsforlife
I think it's a shame Cranks moved away from their original health and vitality concept. It's all pretend health now. If you look at the actual ingredients the list is much much longer than above. Often it's brown bread (white flour coloured brown) rather than wholemeal bread and they are nearly all with unecessary extra dairy.

I think the 'Fresh' sandwiches are better, and they use organic ingredients, there are vegan and gluten free options and some yummy salads too.

These days even pret a manger do good veggie options.

Cranks need to move on from cheese sandwiches and their homity pie days but not forget their wholefood organic roots.

Otherwise you might as well just get a sandwich from M&S.
by Smith
Thanks for the information buddy!Really mouth watering stuff.

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