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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Things to cook for my boyfriend?
by itsjustjade
My boyfriend is a vegetarian and a very fussy eater.. now we're starting to grow up a bit I want to start cooking proper meals for him.
Obviously he doesnt like meat or fish.. he also doesnt like anything in a cheese sauce (though he loves cheese? ) He is very reluctant to try anything new.
He likes peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms...
by Kiran
Hi, Have you tried Peppers filled with cous cous toped with cheese then baked in the oven. You can do the same with big tomatoes.
You can also cook mushrooms with onions and tomatoes then make a toasted sandwich.
Hope this helps.
by GreenAlice
If he loves peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms, then it sounds like he might enjoy Mediteranian or Italian style Vegetarian food?

Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce
Veggie Lasagna
Stuffed baked Field Mushrooms
Stuffed baked Peppers (like above)
Cheese and Tomato Flan
Lancashire Sausages with beans
Ratatouille and pasta
Rich mushroom stew with mash

I'd suggest getting a real simple veggie cookbook and get him to have a go at cooking simple dishes, and see how he starts to enjoy experimenting.

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