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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Could't find a vegetarian restaurant
by kd3671
When going to shopping center, sometime not easy to find a vegetarian restaurant,
so I will order a non vegetarian food(example curry mee)
but I don't eat the meat, only eat the mee and the vegetable.
So am I still consider a vegetarian?
by Nutroast
Sadly, there are very few vegetarian restaurants around. However, I'm yet to find somewhere that doesn't have at least one thing to eat. Of course, you can't guarantee they know what veggie actually means, so they may use non-veggie cheese for example, but at least you give it your best shot. A dish that is prepared with meat will have juices from that meat in it so you can be certain that none of the dish will be vegetarian.
by becksjane
When you buy a dish that had meat in you are still supporting the death of that animal as the restaurant doesnt know the animal you were fed wasnt eaten or that the life was wasted. please dont do this if you're veggie. eat a cheese sarny or a cheese pizza or salad or chips
by GreenAlice
I guess you have to ask yourself, why you choose to be vegetarian in the first place?

If it's simply because you dislike meat, then not eating the meat in a dish that you buy, in theory still renders you vegetarian IMO.

If it's because you don't want the health risks associated with a meat diet, then I guess you're still minimising those to an extent, even though your dish will stil probably have meat juices and fats in it.

But if you choose to be vegetarian for ethical reasons, then buying anything that has had meat in it or been cooked in meat fat etc. at all, has got to be a real no-no.

So I'd have a think about why you choose to not eat meat in the first place, rather than worrying about the letter of the law. It's a bit like doing what I did once at fifteen, freshly veggie and a bit niave, I was served a quiche lorraine by the mother of a friend of mine. I ate the quiche out of politeness, but picked out the ham and left it under a lettuce leaf on my plate. Pretty pointless really, though I was trying to abide by my new found principles!

In theory, eating battery farmed eggs, still makes you vegetarian. Though because most vegetarians object to the extreme cruelty of battery farming, most veggies wouldn't eat battery farmed eggs knowingly. But then I don't know why anyone would eat battery eggs knowingly frankly, seeing as there are humanely farmed eggs out there in abundance, but I guess that's kinda beside the point...

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