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Posted FORUM TOPIC: River Cottage Versus Veggies
by JonG
Did anyone see last week's the River Cottage where a "meat phobic" Vegetarian of many years standing was helped to overcome her horror of meat by Hugh, the shows presenter. During the show no questions were asked as to whether being a vegetarian may in any way beneficial to her i.e. the health grounds, the ecological, ethical and perhaps even religious issues were conveniently ignored.
It was explained (apparently) that she wanted to overcome her aversion so that she may fit in better with her partner and his family. Again whether this is a good enough reason, or whether other more concerning issues may also be at play - for example a vegetarian's social status.
I went onto the River Cottage forum to voice my concerns. I found myself being flamed and insulted by the moderator. I had arguments that I had not made, shouted back at me in bright red letters (as if i were stupid)to attempt to invalidate my genuine criticisms.
I persisted patiently, jovially in a friendly if somewhat provocative manor.
The moderator threw all the stereotypes back at me, implying that I do not have a proper job and I should go and eat a quorn burger,
I answered back, "I hate quorn burgers...honestly your so yucky..."
This it now seems was seen as very rude. The moderator addressed me as a troll - this was not rude.
The result, I am banned from the forum entitled..."have yor say"
by Nutroast
Well done to you for at least trying to "have your say". We turned the program off. I also got flamed on their forum ages ago for what I said and I am the most mild of folk!

Oh, and I think we must be related, I don't like Quorn either!
by sam
Hi, I cannot believe you got that kind of response from their website. I had to block my eyes with a cushion while the vegetarian was cutting the lamb - what I find amusing is the girl really is strugglying to be a meat eater and last week had to spit out some of her food - surely she is better just staying as a vegetarain?????? I think what happened to JonG on the website is not acceptable, we are all entitled to our own opinion and sure enough Hugh has big opinions that he expresses, are we supposed to be bullied into thinking that his opinion is right?
by beckmoon
Yes its like gordon ramseys programme not to long back when he tried to convert a room full of vegetarians. I like how he felt his "opinion" that every body should eat meat, was in noway balanced by the fact that not everybody wants to. I hate this macho cooking, ethical meat, apparant rustic cooking disguise. It is what it is, i'm sure he wouldn't ask a room full of veggies to eat a Maccys burgers so why does he find this acceptable.
Also sorry to hear that you were treated rudely, and banned for your opinions, especially when the lispy instigator of the show seems to voice his constantly.
by beckmoon
Oh and clearly not eating meat should make us less likely to have a "propper job". Yeah tis the first thing i write on my c.v.
by GreenAlice
As someone who has been both a full-on carnivore, an humanely reared meat eater, a demi-veggie, and a strict vegetarian, I've had a perspective on all sides.

But it does continue to perplex and annoy me, as someone who percieves themself as very 'moderate' in their lifestyle, that there continues to be unprovoked mainstream hostility towards vegetarians.

I think the reason for this is that quite simply, those meat eaters who have a beef about non-meat eaters, must experience some kind of guilt about their own choice of lifestyle.

I say this, because I've known rampant carnivores, who are highly supportive of their vegetarian friends and family.

My mother was from Irish stock and loved her sausages and mash, lamb stews and fry-ups, but she was always enthusiastic about me teaching myself to cook veggie food, and she joined in my learning process happily.

She remained a fan of meat all her life, but nevertheless she still agreed that in principle, vegetarians walked their talk, and lived an ethically admirable lifestyle. A lifestyle that was not for her, but one she could see the value in and therefore respected.

I think that what some meat eaters get angry about, is simply that 'by doing what you do, you make me feel bad about what I do'. People hate to be made to feel uncomfortable, but what they forget, is that they're doing it to themselves.

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