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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Potatoes cooked in meat fat at our wedding
by gromit
My first post, I thought I would share our experience at our wedding. For our wedding meal we had a simple nutroast with vegetables. The roast potatoes served were cooked in lamb fat and the nutroast apparently went wrong so the chef subsitiuted it with "paxo" stuffing with pine nuts sprinkled on the top. We were devestated. I was wondering if anyone has encounterd being served food like this and your thoughts on what should be done.I just coudlnt believe this happened to us, it ruined our day
by Nutroast
Hi Gromit, I'm a newbie too. I'm so very sorry to hear about what happened to you. You'd think that a nutroast and veg would be so obvsiously veggie that they'd be more careful. I haven't had any similar experience, but my heart goes out to you. Mind you, my DH went to a friend's house and they said that they knew he was veggie so had cooked him a chicken!! Oh dear, at least you would hope a professional caterer would know better.
by clarabella
Oh, how awful for you. My mother in law quite reguarly tries to give me chicken gravy on my plate with no meat. She's only known me for 10 years....
Did you complain?
by Lei
It must have given kilos a fat to you r body and after having that you must be feeling bulky. Yuuk
by davinamini
Some people don't understand. I got a salad from Birleys that was vegetarian but had two pieces of tuna at the bottom (I believe I also ate some). I was told that I shoud expect crosscontamination to happen. Was basically accused of eating all the salad and then complaining and that by asking for money back AND another form of compensation for being fed meat, that I was unreasonable. AVOID BIRLEYS AT ALL COSTS. Even their Operations Manager didn't care.

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