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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Pepperoni
by OldAztec
We all have our achilles heel. Mine is pepperoni pizza. With all the meat substitutes and meatfree sausages available there must be, there just MUST be a veggie pepperoni that can be used on a pizza! If you know of any (NOT 'how to make") please let me know the suppliers/producers. If it doesn't exist - veggie food suppliers please take note.
by becksjane
Go to holland and barrett and get veggie pepporoni. yes i have weaknesses but i dont fall foul of them. if you care then dont be weak.
by beckmoon
The only thing i think about missing, is chicken and mushroom pie from the chip shop, i used to have one of those every friday as a lil girl. However my distaste for meat is stronger than that lovely old memory, if they made a veggie alternative that tased just the same , i'd lap em up!x
by GreenAlice
Well my suggestion is a halfway house, buy a cheese & tomato pizza, and one of those actually pretty good veggie 'pepperami style' sausages - they did them in H&B's last time Ilooked, slice it and put it on your pizza before you cook it. Beware that you don't chomp the pepparami sausage substitute down before you get to the pizza stage though. They are pretty moreish..
by catwoman
As far as Beckmoons chicken and mushroom pie goes, I think that homemade creamy mushroom pie is pretty good.

Campells condensed mushroom soup is good as a sause let down with some water or milk/cream.

I've never tried putting chickeny quorn chunks in, but I guess that'd pretty much be the deal? Cos after all, it's that special comforting flavour that you're after, not high class meat cuisine.

If you're not a quorn fan, maybe butter beans for texture would work along with mushrooms?

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