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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Cracking nails
by loznludo
Hello, I am 15 years old and I became a vegetarian about 2 - 3 months ago.
I always had really nice, long nails, that hardly ever seemed to break. However, since I became vegetarian, my nails keep cracking in half and flaking back.
They just look generally in bad condition, and if one starts to grow again, it breaks straight away. They seem very soft.
Just wondered if anyone can help/advise me, could I be lacking a certain vitamin that has caused this?

Thanks Lauren x
by vegetarian_queen
I'm not sure, but then again, I've never had nice nails, not even when i ate meat, although i cant say that theyv'e deteriorated since ive been veggie. Maybe you are lacking in protein. Do you like nuts? Pistachios are usually quite yummy, although not a good idea if you are a nut allergy sufferer! Also try replacing the meat you previously ate with a product such as quorn, linda mccartneys or cauldron. Hope this helps! Try eating fruit if you dont already. Try making your own smoothies, they taste good too!
by Pete
does anyone find that they get white flecks in their nails? is this supposed to ba calcium / magnesium problem?
by snookes
I've always had cracked flaking nails prior to becoming veggie so i won't notice any change lol, who knows it might even improve ow with my new healthy veggie diet!

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