Vegetarian Nutrition Forum : Want to turn vegetarian but dont know what to substitute in my please! :)
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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Want to turn vegetarian but dont know what to substitute in my please! :)
by lukebolger
Hi guys, I was watching Dr Walter Vieths study on health (
, im amazed at the risk im putting my body through by eating meat and milk etc...
Im a student, so I dont eat very well, here is my basic diet, please suggest how i can change it to vegetarian.
Breakfast, wheetos or sugar puffs and milk. Lunch, Sandwhich - chicken or ploughmans. Dinner, rice and sweet & sour chicken or curry or similar...

I dont know if they sell many vegetarian substitutes for meat in my local shops, Morrisons and tesco.. Please help!!
by eleanor34599
Hiya I came across your post and thought I'd comment to help out!
Vegetarian living is known in so many cultures as the way to go - meat being described as a carcinogenic (cancer-forming) and is also "acidic" for our bodies and we can't balance this enough.

A really good way of substituting your diet is in making sure you take in healthy proteins like yoghurt, and also by using soy products like soy milk (or rice milk) and tofu.

Vegetables, obviously, will become a major factor in your life and you'll find a whole new array of things to eat by just experimenting with fruit and vegetables.

There's some really interesting info on vegetarianism and World Vegetarian Week (which went on in May) at the following address:

Hope this helps!

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