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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Ideas for traditional British dishes for pub
by alfablue
My son has just opened a 15th century country pub. The theme is classic and historic British food. We are having trouble identifying veggie dishes that genuinely fit this brief. I am a vegetarian, but my diet comprises mostly mediterranean and asian style foods, so I am not helping much! I would be very grateful for ANY suggestions for appropriate dishes, starters or mains. Many thanks in anticipation. (ps so far we have cauliflower cheese, and glamorgan sausages).
by VickieMH
its difficult, I really struggle to find decent vegetarian food in restaurants. I tend to visit the Toby Carvery of all places, they do an excellent mushroom, cranberry and cheese in filo pastry. Their Brie, mushroom, broccoli is also v nice. I am new to vegetarian food though and still finding my feet..

Good Luck x

Start with a creamy asparagus soup (us vegan cream if you prefer)

Or just make a sheperds pie with soya instead. Use dried veggie "beef". Soak it drain it and use it just like beef. has some good stuff. They are chinese products but can be used in english cooking.

Or one last one, vegetable lasagna. Classic veggie dish which will also appeal to meat eaters. My gilfriends always has that and shes a total meat head. But watch out for you cheese, a ton of cheese an't veggie and hardly any parmasa is veggie! If your really intersted i'll give the details of my suplier drop me an email.

Good luck
by vegetarian_queen
Toby Carvery all the way VickieMH!!! Things such as jacket spud with cheese or beans are good, home made tomato soup or leek and potato soup is yummy and quite easy to make. Deep fried mushrooms are usually quite popular, or even deep fried brie proves a hit where i am. Maybe a vegetarian curry? My friend makes a really nice one with chick peas and quinoa, chick peas are so healthy! Vegetarian lasagne and or chilli non carne, like con carne but without the beef. Hope this helps you. Where is the restaurant? I might visit some time if theres a good veggie option, where i live every restaurant has salad with goats cheese and thats it.
by BarelYThere
Broccoli and blue cheese soup for starters, or rustic bean soup; mushroom stroganoff, baked potatoes with veg chilli or winter veg stew for main; fresh spaghetti with tomato-based or pesto sauce?
by Rich
Alfablue, I hope you are still checking this strand. I find the subject very interesting as I am attempting to set up my own business selling vegetarian food. There is a definite scarcity of classic or historic vegetarian British dishes, and the vegetarian "tradition" in Britain seems to have begun in late-Victorian and Edwardian times. Many traditional soups can be adapted to be made without meat or meat stock, fruit pies made with vegetarian pastry or crumble, steamed puddings (spotted dick!) made with vegetarian suet. But for a good solid main course... Florence B Jack's Edwardian book "Cookery for Every Household" has some nice recipes with chestnuts, including Chestnut Croquettes and Chestnuts in Brown Sauce (no, not HP!). If you are still interested I can post these or email them, I'll have to type them up at home then bring a disk to the library!
Otherwise I'd say there's nothing wrong with going with Indian - style food, definitely "historic British"!
I hope the pub is doing well.
by clarabella
Veggie bangers and mash, toad in the hole? soya mince and tatties? You can't beat a good crumble for dessert.
Good luck. I bet it'll be fab!
by beckmoon
Id just go for winter vegetables in pies or stews thats rustic an which much attention to detail can be beautifully created.x
by catwoman
One of the best places I think you could try researching for veggie British fare, is in good old fashioned 'Farmhouse' cookbooks. Unfortunately my faves have gone wandering, but if you hit Amazon, you might strike lucky. These farmers wives knew a thing or two about thrift, and would often have to feed the five thousand on little more than a sack of spuds, a bowl of buttermilk and a bag of flour. Well, yeah, I'm exaggerating quite a bit, but I've found some great British veggie dishes amongst the meat dishes, in brown papered dog-eared tomes like or traditional local variants to staple dishes for 'poor' days when there simply wasn't the meat to go around.

Another area for research IMO, should be the recipes from the war years. Again people were poor and and meat was scarce. Economy forced folk to improvise and make do. Check out food writers like Margarite Pattern fot traditional British foods of this era.

Don't forget that Anglo-Indian food has been native to the British Isles for quite long enough for it to be considered 'traditional British food'. Kedgeree didn't always come with kippers.

Finally, I'd take a look at the traditional dishes of Celtic regions of the UK and Ireland that will be easily adapted to non-meat versions. These folk made use of what little they had, so although a modern version of a dish like 'Scotch Broth' will today be richly meaty, in its day, it would have been little more than a vegetable soup, thickened with barley, cooked in the leftover water that meat had previously been boiled in.

Food is all 'retro' now, so make the most of fifties family faves that used to be passe, but do them with a twist, or simply do them really well.

For the autumn, I'd be extremely happy to walk into a veggie foody pub and see this kinda stuff on the menu:

Winter Roots Vegetable Cobbler, with buttered green beans: cheap to produce, very seasonal, homely and satisfying too!

Maceroni Cheese, I love this tarted up with a nice herby crust and roasted tomato salad.

Blue Cheese and Leek Pie in Oat Pastry, served with tarted up mash.

Veggie Cornish Pasties with Hot Tomato Soup, just exchange the meat for some pulses or mushrooms and make sure you put in plently of seasoning.

Curried Parsnip Soup, with brie and mango chutney toasts.

Cheese and Potato pie with spicy baked beans and coleslaw

Mushroom bangers in toad, with seasonal roast veg and onion gravy

Mushroom and ale suet pudding with champ.

Nut Wellington, mashed carrots, buttered caraway cabbage and roast new potatoes...

The worlds your oyster, or tofu fritter anyway!

Genuinely, I wish you all good fortune and success, I'd love to be doing what you're doing!
by GreenAlice
This is a bit wierd, but its the second time I've (GreenAlice)posted and my post has come up on the forum as 'catwoman' (waves...!). I sent the post above above on british veggie food, and another elsewhere, so I dunno what's going on. Do I have a catsuit somewhere hidden in my cupboard. It's unlikely cos at nearing twelve stone last time I checked, it wouldn't be what Trinny and Suzzanna would recommend for sure...

GreenAlice the uncatwomanlike

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