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Posted FORUM TOPIC: supplements
by daddydelboy
Hi, hope someone can help me pls. My 11 year pld daughter has been a vegetarian since last May and although the 3 other family members are not we respect her views and wishes. She eats plenty of fruit and veggies as well as quorn meat as part of a balance diet. She is also cheese mad and eats eggs.

She might just be unlucky she does appear to catch every illness going and we think this has been since giving up meat.

Could this be the case and if so are there any supplements she could take that she might be missing since giving up meat?

Thax, Derek
by kirsty
if it's iron there used to be something called 'spatone' in Boots- it's just water you pour into orange/apple juice and, as it comes from a spring high in iron, it's natural. viridion are a good make without any side effects, too. They stop you feeling dizzy, anyway. My parents were worried about me growing without minerals (i became totally vegetarian when i was 11, previously only eating chicken, and now, at 15, i'm vegan-except-for-milk) but they're happy now (although the illness thing is true). I think iron is the main thing, as red meat contains a lot.

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