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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Great raw-cumentary!
by ripenjuicy
Has anyone seen Supercharge Me?

I just got my copy last week. I really enjoyed it. I do wish it could have shown a 30 days raw lifestyle without the retreat center, because Id like to see what that looks like, but it was excellent to watch her go through the cleansing and learning process from the pros.

She took the idea of Supersize Me (where he eats McDonalds only for 30 days to show what it does to your body) and made Supercharge Me by going raw for 30 days and showing what THAT does to you body.

Its a brilliant idea.

Heres the trailer:

They are going to be playing it at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona this October. Im still trying to decide whether Im going to make it, but it looks like its going to be quite the festival!

by Jane
I had not heard about this programme but I will watch the trailer as suggested. I would think that you would have to have very good will power to keep that up!!

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