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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Iron Deficiency?
by Wendy
Hi, I have been a veggie for 6 years now, but after moving to a new home, i've noticed that the lack of fresh cooked foods and the increase of shove in the oven have made me pale and tired all the time, and i mean REALLY tired. I sleep more than ever and i bruise too easily. Any advice as home cooked food isnt an option as the person looking after me is seriously ill and doesnt really have the time or knowllege of the needs of a vegetarian? is there anything i can do or is a doc needed in this?
by Jane
If I am ever feeling low I pop into the health shop and go onto Floridex for a while just to give me a boost - I also put my family onto it if they ever get a bit low - give it a try.
by StephersGeary
Hello. I became a vegetarian about 3 months ago. I was always determined to do it, I have always been an animal lover, so hated the thought of them being killed for us to eat. The final straw came when Gordon Ramsey's F Word was on and it showed 2 pigs get slaughtered. The lack of sympathy for these poor animals was too much...and the following day, I gave up all meat. I do still eat fish, but I have stopped eating Poultry, beef, pork and anything meaty....I occassioanally eat eggs....but that is about it. The only thing i am finding lately is that i am always tired...I can sleep hours, and hours, but wake up feeling like i havent got any energy, its always the same....I am going to look into getting a supplement from the Health shop....Any other suggestions?
by vee
I saw that episode of Gordon Ramsey's F Word with the pigs and I really couldn't watch the screen for a while, my husband had to tell me when it was over!!! It really does put you off. Mind you I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years now!! I would recommend you go into the Health shop and ask about supplements - I have also found Floridex is a really good boost but you do have to take it for a while before it really kicks in - it is not an instant pick up but worth keeping in mind.
by cdidcott
Hi, in your post you mentioned someone is looking after you. Does this mean you are you already Ill in some way?

I don't mean to pry into your personal life but that could be a significant factor when answering your question.

Are you getting enough fruit and veg?

I went through a stage of only eating *** food and neglecting the fruit and veg side, I felt a little lethargic during that time.

I know it sounds silly but vegetarians should eat a greater variety of fruit and veg to get as rich a protein intake as meat eaters do.

What ever you do don't give up the veggie

by rock cottage
Have you recently suffered from a bad virus? If so your immune system may be compromised. Take a GOOD professional type multi vitamin, the likes of FORCEVAL and as long as there's no other health problems (CFS/ME or such) you should be as right as rain in no time.
by beckmoon
I would not worry about it, when you eat badly you feel badly and its nothing that can't be reversed just drink more herbal teas eat a good breakfast and be sure to eat some feel good food all day. Try to get up earlier even if you feel you can't because you have to get your mind back into a normal routine. Also try avioding heavy snacking before going to bed.

by windowglass
if you are still eating fish, it means you are not vegetarian but trying to be. fish is a living animal as well and it suffers when it is being killed just like any other animal. Eggs as well are embryos which are not fully developped. think abt it
by xoxsamxox
eggs arnt living though unless they are fertilised just chicken periods nothing wrong with animal waste(what i call it) like cheese an milk also in my opinion. however should watch out for renant think its called in cheese makinf process.

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