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Posted FORUM TOPIC: i'm turning vegeterian. need advice.
by Alexander
hi, first of all i'd like to say that i love meat and milk and i eat everything.
but after seeing how animals are treated i decided not to eat any red meat, poultry, eggs or dairy. and i dont care how yummy they are.

so i was wondering, should i start immediately or should i let my organism adjust slowly to not eating meat n'stuff?

also, i dont have any weight problem, in fact, i can eat as much as i want of anything and not gain weight, so i'm not doing this as part of a diet.

is there a guide u could link me about it? or some tips u'd like to share?

thx in advance.

PS: if u cry easily i suggest not to watch these videos cos u'll spend half a day crying like me....
due to some forum restrictions i had to cut the links in half. just take the first line and then add the ending.
by Wendy
try the vegetarian society, they are excellent

i couldnt watch the vids but ive seen similar
by StephersGeary
I couldnt even think about watching the videos. I cried at Gordon Ramseys F Word when he was at a slaughterhouse and two pigs got killed. I broke my heart, so i know i could never watch this....The reason i became veggie was because of that show. I have only been veggie for 3 months myself, and i have been wondering about supplements, do i need to be taking anything?
by rock cottage
Milk is literally a poison, you'd be much better off without it.
As for turning vegetarian... if you "love" meat its going to be hard slog. Try to put the idea out of your head that veg food should taste like meat and eat veg for what it is, otherwise you'll turn back to meat. Too many products are "meat" substitutes and thats where they go wrong as they simply don't taste anything like meat and this puts meat lovers off so they fail to become vegetarians.
by VickieMH
Hi I am new to the forum, I became vegetarian about 8 months ago, I admit I did enjoy meat too. I think the trouble I had was I always thought about what I was actually eating. I think that there are that many alternatives these days that we dont HAVE to eat meat. And if people do want to eat meat why are we not treating the anumals with respect. Anyway it is a little strange at first, I would recommend you give up meat first and wean yourself off dairy and eggs gradually, doing it all at once will be a shock to you and it will make it more difficult. I always buy organic free range dairy and egg products. Good luck Vickie x
by mojica please take this poll

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