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Posted FORUM TOPIC: streaky strips
by alison
does anybody know where i can buy morningstar streaky strips[pretend bacon].i used to be able to buy them in waitrose a few years back but havent had any luck recently.
by Lillie
arghhh i know! i love morningstar bacon, and i havent been able to find it either... the quorn one is pretty poor. from what i've gathered though, i think the company was taken over by kelloggs and now its only distributed in america
by Chelle
I also was looking for these, but I read that morningstar couldn't confirm that the product didn't contain any GM products, so therefore they have been removed from the UK market. Slightly worrying really as they were really nice and we ate loads of them. Let's hope that Kellogs bring them back minus the GM bits.
by Jay
where would you normally buy morningstar streaky strips? Tesco etc?? I have never heard of it. I have tried the quorn style bacon but really don't like it.
by yanton
I'm still looking for some really tasty streaky strips
by StephersGeary
I have tried the Quorn sausages, but they arent very nice...
by rock cottage
Morrisons stock that product, but they taste like cardboard!
by clarabella
I am not a fan of Quorn's bacon either. Tesco do their own streaky bacon, which is not bad. Can be quite wheaty if you eat too much in one go though. Best susbtitute I have found for Morningstar yet.
by Lois
Sadly I too have tried in vain to purchase these strips. I first buought them in Morrisons in Gibraltar and then they were discontinued. I then heard from my brother that they were available in USA. When I visited I bought the store out. Now cannot get them here where I live in Spain. Pals have tried to get them in Tescos back in Uk but think they have stopped selling them there too. Seems lke we need to campaign Kellogs to bring them back!. Yes I do agree Quorn are awful sausages and meat free bacon. Why cant they make them more tasty!. ( Veggie for over 30 years). Lois Malaga Spain.

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